Healthcare Intelligence Partners is a health IT strategy consulting practice specializing in integration efforts for populations with complex care needs. We enable healthcare providers, payers, and health IT vendors to design and execute interventions that reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, while supporting regulatory compliance and data interoperability.

As healthcare agencies struggle to adapt to the changing healthcare environment, they are faced with complex challenges. These agencies are already engaged in significant effort to capture, manage, and track a wide variety of healthcare information. Yet many of these agencies are struggling to marshall this information to support strategic objectives.

Healthcare Intelligence Partners understands these challenges, and is poised to help use this data to achieve your goals:
  1. Reductions in the Cost of Delivering Care;
  2. Improvements to Clinical and Outcome Quality;
  3. Efficiencies in Process-related functions;
  4. Compliance with Statutory, Regulatory, and Accreditation-related requirements; and
  5. Identifying, understanding, and pursuing business-development opportunities.

Healthcare Intelligence Partners understands the breadth of issues facing healthcare agencies in this dynamic, ever-changing environment and can help you anticipate and plan for emerging challenges and opportunities.

Healthcare Intelligence Partners is a privately held consulting practice that works closely with healthcare organizations of all stripes to identify, clarify, and achieve strategic objectives through the use of healthcare data.

Healthcare Intelligence Partners